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Need more gain before feedback?

Rupert Neve 5045 “Primary Source Enhancer” This little box just works. It somehow allows you to get more gain before your mic feeds back and does so without introducing eq notches like older feedback buster units. Literally you set a threshold and how much extra gain you want and it works. The tonality of the

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Optimizing Your Wedges

by: John Mills    Getting more gain before feedback on your monitors. Stage monitor, wedge, fold-back monitor, and ugly eyesore, are just a few names that people use to refer to those speakers at our feet providing sound to the band and worship leaders. One of the most often misunderstood things in sound reinforcement is

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The High Pass Filter, your best friend.

By John Mills What is it? A high pass filter, or HPF, is exactly as it sounds.  It is a filter we can use on our soundboards that ONLY allows the higher frequencies pass.  It is sometimes referred to as a Low Cut filter for a similar reason. It is also the most over looked

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Rule 1 – Don’t mess with it

by: John Mills Rule #1 – Don’t mess with it. So this month I offer a little encouragement with a dose of admonishment.  It comes in the form of some do’s and don’ts for pre/post sound check.  Some of this will be for the worship leader, band director, and yes you too o’le sound engineer…

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Talk back mic

By: John Mills This article is going to throw out some cool tricks for “talk back” setups with ear monitor systems. What is a “talk back”.  Simply, it is a microphone the sound guy uses to talk to the band.  It is very useful during sound check to clarify their needs.  It is also useful

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