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About us

Traveling around the country for the last 20 years has allowed me to see many great cities and towns…

I’ve seen over 500 cities on my 4 year run with Chris Tomlin and the folks at Passion , over 200 cities with Shane and Shane , and close to 100 cities in my days with Lincoln Brewster  and currently cover FOH duties with Paul Baloche . I also just completed a 60 city run with country superstar Kenny Chesney as Audio Crew Chief and Systems Engineer.

The reason for building this site is because of my years of traveling revealed one thing to me in every church I worked in…  Most churches WANT training.  I would always get asked things like “How do you get that vocal sound? What are you using to mic the drums? How did you get it to sound so good in here? Our services never sound like that.” I don’t say any of that to say I’m a great engineer, but to illustrate the point of Tech Training 101.

I think the common ground in most questions is there is a lack of emphasis on the basics. Often times a sound company will sell a church a great system, maybe even include “training” but they don’t really teach them any more than how to turn their new toys on.   That’s why I’ve birthed and our seminar series.

I don’t want to turn around one day and look to see what I’ve accomplished in my life and realize that it was only running good sound at this or that concert. I remember promising God when I first started that if he allowed me to use my talents at this,  I would be faithful to share that knowledge.

I hope you find some great resources here, and please feel free to write me with any questions, comments, or suggestions for the site. And.. If you have more immediate needs or just want a personalized session in your venue, consider booking a training seminar.


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