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Talk back mic

By: John Mills This article is going to throw out some cool tricks for “talk back” setups with ear monitor systems. What is a “talk back”.  Simply, it is a microphone the sound guy uses to talk to the band.  It is very useful during sound check to clarify their needs.  It is also useful

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Micing Guitar Cabinets

Not that we usually need the guitar any louder… since their amps go to eleven, but in case you do, here are a few tips. Electric guitar amp, now there is a tricky little instrument. I say instrument because really good guitar players can make amps sing. There is nothing like a well-tweaked amp with

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Wireless Mics – Tips and Tricks

The first trick should be obvious but some people never think to check… One of the questions most often asked of me concerns wireless microphones, one of those technologies we all wish would “just work.” Alas, mics don’t always do what we expect, often resulting in distractions during the worship service. Technology has come a

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Micing Drums

Let us focus on how to translate all your drummer’s hard work of tuning and tweaking his kit. First things first, while we Sound Engineers can perform some pretty neat tricks, there are limits to what we can fix. If your drummer’s kit sounds more like cardboard boxes than big full sounding drums, we should

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Shure KSM9

First Glance: It’s a small thing, but upon receiving my first wired KSM9 and opening the box,it was nice to see it in a high quality foam lined road case and not just a simple zippered bag. It made me feel good about the investment made in the mic and spoke highly about the quality

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