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The High Pass Filter, your best friend.

By John Mills What is it? A high pass filter, or HPF, is exactly as it sounds.  It is a filter we can use on our soundboards that ONLY allows the higher frequencies pass.  It is sometimes referred to as a Low Cut filter for a similar reason. It is also the most over looked

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Compression 201

By John Mills Last month we spent some time on the basics of what a compressor is, what it is used for, and what all the knobs do. This month I want to give you some basic settings to get you started on specific instruments and situations, I also want to dispel a nasty myth

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Compression 101

By John Mills What is a compressor used for? Why do we need compressors?  What do all those knobs do and how do I set them? Ask 5 sound guys and you’ll likely get different answers. Here are my thoughts on basic compression.  I’m not going to get into advanced compression used for effects, but

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